Verify Transaction

This endpoint is to verify the status of an initiated transaction

This endpoint is to verify the status of a transaction initiated. The endpoint would tell if the customer has successfully transferred the payable amount into the virtual account I.e Validate inflow into virtual account.
You are required to make a GET request passing your token, transaction unique reference & version



We strongly advise you initiate a verify transaction request to get the actual status of a transaction before proceeding with your update. You are required to initiate this request using the unique reference of the transaction you are trying to verify.

Expected Response

  "IsSuccessful": true,
  "CustomerIDInString": null,
  "Message": {
    "StatusMessage": "Successful",
    "Narrations": "Payment for G-wagon",
    "UniqueId": "PWT-IPref_443l432",
    "Amount": 100000,
    "AmountCredited": 100000,
    "Status": 2,
    "ReferenceNumbers": "A16121875788,A16121875789",
    "RequestDate": "2022-11-11T23:33:01",
    "CompletionDate": "2022-11-11T23:33:04",
    "VirtualAccountNumber": "01030014041004212"
  "TransactionTrackingRef": null,
  "Page": null

StatusMessage: Description of the Status of the Payment (can be: Logged, Partial or Successful)

Narrations : Narration passed by the customer

UniqueId: Same as the Unique Reference passed when sending the Initiate payment request

Amount: Amount to be payed to the Virtual account (Same as amount passed while Initiating the payment)

AmountCredited: Amount sent to the Virtual account by the Customer

Status: Status Enum of the Payment (can be: 0: Logged, 1: Partial or 2: Successful)

ReferenceNumbers: Reference of all transactions made by the customer to the virtual accounts (It is null when no transactions have been made)

RequestDate: Date Time the payment was initiated

CompletionDate: Date Time Customer performed the last transaction on the virtual account (will be null until at least one payment is made)

VirtualAccountNumber: Full Account Number of the generated Virtual Account

You can check out API reference to Verify Transaction