Save Bulk SMS

This sends bulk SMS to an institution customers


To send bulk SMS you first need to build the complete save bulk SMS URL by passing version in the path and authToken to the request params, then you make a post request with AccountNumber, To, Body and ReferenceNo in the request body as an array of strings.

Required Payload

Save bulk SMS required payload and their descriptions.

NameData TypeDescriptionMandatory/Optional
AccountNumberStringCustomer's account numberMandatory
ToStringReceiver's phone numberMandatory
BodyStringBody of messageMandatory
ReferenceNoStringUnique identifierOptional

Expected Request

  "AccountNumber": "1200063228",
  "To": "09030303030",
  "Body": "Test sm ",
  "ReferenceNo": "SMS112"

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

Expected Response

  "Status": true,
  "ErrorMessage": ""

You can check out API reference to Save Bulk SMS