Create Fixed Deposit

This creates a fixed deposit account


To create a fixed deposit account you first need to build the complete create fixed deposit account endpoint by passing the version to the query path and authToken to the query params. Then, you make a post request by passing IsDiscountDeposit, AccountName, AccountNo, Amount, and Tenure and other required payload to the complete endpoint.

Required Payload

NameData TypeDescription
IsDiscountDepositBooleanDetermines if interest should be paid upfrontMandatory
InterestRateIntDeposit interest rateMandatory
AmountStringAmount for fixed depositMandatory
TenureIntFixed deposit tenure in daysMandatory
CustomerIDStringCustomer's ID from CBAMandatory
ProductCodeStringProduct code for the fixed deposit productMandatory
LiquidationAccountStringLiquidation accountMandatory
ApplyInterestMonthlyBooleanApplies interest monthlyMandatory
AppyInterestRolloverBooleanRolls over interestMandatory
ShouldRolloverBooleanRolls over prinicipalMandatory
AccountOpenningTrackingRefStringFixed deposit referenceMandatory
InterestAccrualCommenceDateDateStart date of interest accrualMandatory

Expected Request

   "IsDiscountDeposit": true,
  "InterestRate": 7,
  "Amount": "1000",
  "Narration": "fixeddep",
  "Tenure": 30,
  "CustomerID": "004053",
  "ProductCode": "301",
  "LiquidationAccount": "1100040534",
  "ApplyInterestMonthly": true,
  "ApplyInterestOnRollOver": true,
  "ShouldRollOver": true,
  "AccountOpenningTrackingRef": "fixeddeptest2",
  "InterestAccrualCommenceDate": "2023-08-20"

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

  "IsSuccessful": true,
  "CustomerIDInString": null,
  "Message": "Fixed Deposit Account was created Successfully.",
  "TransactionTrackingRef": "fixeddeptest2",
  "Page": null



ApplyInterestMonthly and AppyInterestRollover cannot be same value, one has to be False and the other True

You can check out API reference to Create Fixed Deposit Account