Create Account Quick

Endpoint to create account using few parameters


This endpoint creates an account for a new and an already existing customer. here.

Then you build your complete endpoint by passing the API version and the authorization token in the query params. Finally, you make a post request by passing all the required payload in the request body.

Required Payload

Create account required payload and their description.

NameData TypeDescriptionMandatory/Optional
TransactionTrackingRefStringA way to track an account to show it has already been created.Mandatory
AccountOpeningTrackingRefStringA tracking reference tied to this accountMandatory
ProductCodeStringCode to be gotten from GetProduct API response or CBAMandatory
Customer IDStringThis is applicable when adding an extra account to an existing customer, it is to be gotten from the CBA or GetCustomerByAccountNoOptional
LastNameStringThe customer's last nameMandatory
OtherNamesStringThe customer's other nameMandatory
BVNStringCustomer's Bank Verification NumberOptional
Account NameString Account name for organizational customerOptional
PhoneNoStringCustomer's phone numberMandatory
GenderStringCustomer's gender
0 - Female, 1 - Male
PlaceOfBirthStringCustomer's place of birthOptional
DateOfBirthStringCustomer's date of birthMandatory
AddressStringCustomer's AddressMandatory
AccountOfficerCodeStringCode to be gotten from GetAccountOfficer API response or CBAMandatory
EmailStringCustomer's emailOptional
NotificationPreferenceIntCustomer's preferred notification methodMandatory
TransactionPermissionStringCustomer's transaction permissionMandatory
AccountTierIntAccount tierMandatory



Notification preference is how customers are notified on transactions

Account Transaction Notification preference
3=both email and SMS



This refers to transaction access into the account.

Account Transaction Permission
0 = PostDebitAndCredit (This is the default if Null is passed)
1 = PostNoDebit

Expected Request

  "TransactionTrackingRef": "Testquick4",
  "AccountOpeningTrackingRef": "Testquick4",
  "ProductCode": "101",
  "CustomerID": "",
  "LastName": "Tester",
  "OtherNames": "Quick",
  "BVN": "",
  "PhoneNo": "12345678909",
  "Gender": "0",
  "PlaceOfBirth": "Lagos",
  "DateOfBirth": "1990-09-19",
  "Address": "Lagos",
  "AccountOfficerCode": "3004",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "NotificationPreference": 0,
  "TransactionPermission": "0",
  "AccountTier": "1"

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

    "IsSuccessful": true,
    "CustomerIDInString": null,
    "Message": {
        "AccountNumber": "1100229780",
        "BankoneAccountNumber": "00440031010022978",
        "CustomerID": "022978",
        "FullName": "Tester Quick",
        "CreationMessage": null,
        "Id": 506495
    "TransactionTrackingRef": null,
    "Page": null


When adding an extra account to an existing customer, pass the CustomerID in the body of the request and remove the BVN if added previously

You can check out API reference to Create Account Quick