Credit Customer Account

This Credit funds to the specified customer account and debits a corresponding GL associated with the GL Code specified.


To credit a customer account you make post request by passing RetrievalReference, AccountNumber, NibssCode and other required payload in the request body to the credit endpoint.

TSQ Interval Time: 60 seconds
TransactionType: CREDIT

Required Payload

NameData TypeDescription
RetrievalReferenceStringInitial transaction unique reference (maximum of 12 characters)
AccountNumberStringAccount number to be credited
NibssCodeString6-digit institution BankOne code
AmountStringTransaction Amount in kobo
FeeStringFee in kobo
NarrationStringTransaction Narration
TokenStringAuthentication Key for the request
GLCodeString4 digits code under Echannels Operations, that identifies the service and GL account to be impacted



To get the GLcode, kindly follow the steps below on Bankone

Login to Bankone
Click Core Banking
Click Business Operations Management
Click Echannels Operations
Any service code identified as GL to Customer is a Credit Glcode

A bank can have as many GL to Customer as needed, some can also have numbers behind them i.e GL to Customer 5 or GL to Customer 20

Expected Request

  "RetrievalReference": "testcredit",
  "AccountNumber": "1100037526",
  "Amount": "100000",
  "Narration": "Test credit",
  "Token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "GLCode": "xxxx"

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body

  "IsSuccessful": true,
 "ResponseMessage": "Approved by Financial Institution",
 "ResponseCode": "00",
 "Reference": "A1612187582"
ResponseCodeTransaction response code. Determines the status
of the transaction
IsSuccessfulRequest status
ResponseMessageDescription of response code
ReferenceBankone transaction reference
IsSuccessful: This response
parameter is used to determine
the status of the initiated
If response is False, a possible system error or
invalid request occurred. Transaction should be
initiated again and can be initiated with the
same transaction reference.

If response is True, proceed to check the
response code to determine the status of the
ResponseCode: This response
parameter is used to determine
the statnus of the transaction.
If respond code is 00, then the transaction is

If respond code is x06, a TSQ is required to
determine the actual status of the transaction
after 60 secs

If any other response code is received, the
transaction failed, and the request can be
initiated with a new transaction reference.

If No Response is received, a transaction status
query is required to determine the status of the
transaction after 60 secs.



If a Credit transaction fails, kindly call the Reversal API for Reversal. Do not call Debit for a failed Credit transaction

You can check out API reference to Credit Customer Account