Create Standing Order

This creates a standing order application


To create a standing order application you first build the complete create standing order application endpoint by passing version to the url path and authToken to the url query params.
Then go ahead to make a post request to the complete url by passing Name, Description, CreditAccount, DebitAccount, and some other required payload in the request body.

Required Payload

Create standing order required payload and their descriptions.

NameData TypeDescription
NameStringCustomer's name
DescriptionStringOrder description
CreditAccountStringAccount you want credited
DebitAccountStringAccount you want debited
AmountToTransferIntAmount to transfer
AllowForceDebitBooleanChecks if account allows force debit
IsPercentageBooleanChecks if it has percentage
StandingOrderFrequencyIntStanding order frequency
StartDateDateStart date of standing order
EndDateDateEnd date of standing order
StandingOrderChargeFeeIDIntStanding order charge fee id
StandingOrderChargeFeeAmountIntStanding order charge fee

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.


You can check out API reference to Create Standing Order Application2