Create Customer and Account

This creates a customer and account using more parameters


To create a customer and account you need to first build the complete create customer and account endpoint by passing authtoken and version to the url query params

Then you make a post request to the complete create customer and account endpoint by passing TransactionTrackingRef, ProductCode, HasSufficientInfoOnAccountInfo and some other required payload in the request body.
A successful request will return AccountNumber and a success message in the response.


This is a core API

Required Payload

NameData TypeDescriptionMandatory/Optional
TransactionTrackingRefStringA way to track that an account has already been createdMandatory
AccountOpeningTrackingRefStringA tracking reference tied to the accountMandatory
ProductCodeStringAccount unique product codeMandatory
LastNameStringCustomer's Last NameMandatory
OtherNamesStringCustomer's Other NameMandatory
BVNStringCustomer's BVNOptional
PhoneNoStringCustomer's Phone NumberMandatory
GenderStringCustomer's Gender; Male - 0, Female 1Mandatory
PlaceOfBirthStringCustomer's Place Of BirthOptional
DateOfBirthDateCustomer's Date Of BirthMandatory
AddressStringCustomer's AddressMandatory
NationalIdentityNoStringCustomer's National Identity Number(NIN)Optional
NextOfKinPhoneNoStringCustomer's Next Of Kin phone numberOptional
NextOfKinNameStringCustomer's Next Of Kin NameOptional
ReferralPhoneNoStringNumber of who referred the customerOptional
ReferralNameStringName of who referred the customerOptional
HasSufficientInfoOnAccountInfoBooleanChecks If Customer Has Sufficient Account InformationOptional
AccountInformationSourceIntHow the customer got to know about the institutionOptional
OtherAccountInformationSourceStringCustomer's Other Account Information SourceOptional
AccountOfficerCodeStringCustomer's Account Officer CodeMandatory
EmailStringCustomer's EmailOptional
NotificationPreferenceStringCustomer's preferred notification methodMandatory
TransactionPermissionStringCustomer's Transaction PermissionMandatory
AccountTierIntAccount TierMandatory
CustomerImageBase64Customer's passportOptional
IdentificationImageBase64Customer's identification imageOptional
CustomerSignatureBase64Customer's signatureOptional



Notification preference is how customers are notified on transactions

Account Transaction Notification preference
3=both email and SMS



This refers to transaction access into the account.

Account Transaction Permission
0 = PostDebitAndCredit (This is the default if Null is passed)
1 = PostNoDebit

Expected Request

  TransactionTrackingRef: 'testaccount2',
  AccountOfficerCode: '001',
  AccountOpeningTrackingRef: 'testaccount2',
  ProductCode: 107,
  LastName: 'Image',
  OtherNames: 'Tester',
  BVN: '',
  PhoneNo: '08034345654',
  Gender: 0,
  PlaceOfBirth: '',
  DateOfBirth: '2001-10-05',
  Address: '',
  NationalIdentityNo: '',
  AccountInformationSource: 0,
  OtherAccountInformationSource: '' ,
  HasSufficientInfoOnAccountInfo: true,
  NextOfKinPhoneNo: '',
  NextOfKinName: '',
  ReferralPhoneNo: '',
  ReferralName: '',
  CustomerImage: '',
  CustomerSignature: '',
  IdentificationImage: '',
  NotificationPreference: 0,
  TransactionPermission: "0",
  AccountTier: 1

Expected Response

  IsSuccessful: true,
  Message: 'Individual Customer and account Created successfully.',
  TransactionTrackingRef: 'testaccount2,

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

You can check out API reference to Create Customer and Account