Qore Developer Portal

Welcome to the Qore developer portal😊🥳. We have documented the key information you require to build your Digital Banking Product. With over 150+ API resource you would be able to integrate to the Qore system to drive your Digital Banking Strategy.

Over the years Banks, NeoBanks, FI's have been able to leverage on our APIs to build digital products that have helped ease payment in the country today.

Are you ready to build your own Digital Banking Product?🥁

Let's Go!!!! 🚀 🚀

Account API

Account Officer

Customers API

Loans API

Fixed Deposit API

Transfer API

LOCAL Transactions API

Cards API

Overdraft API 📦

Bills Payment API 💰

Pay With Transfer 💸

Messaging 💬

Standing Order 🛑

Products 🧰

Thirdparty Transactions