Quickly get started using our API


You are about to kick off the development of your super digital banking application and cannot wait to start writing those lines of code. Here are the key steps you'll need to follow to integrate with our Digital Banking Enabler API.


You have to get authenticated to use the API this means you need an auth token to make your request.
There are two different types of users: the Enterprise User and *Other Users

Enterprise User

To get your auth token as an enterprise user follow the steps below

  • Log into iRestrict
  • Set up your account
  • Get your authentication token
  • Join skype group provided by the Implementation support team

Other User

To get your authtoken as other user follow the steps below

  • Join the Implementation support team on skype
  • Your authtoken will be provided for you by the implementation support team.

Testing Your Actions

After successfully getting your auth token and setting up your account, you might want to confirm your API actions.
For instance, after creating an account via API, user can view this account on Bankone to confirm the account was created as required.
To do this, login into BankOne using the Institution code: 4-digit institution code, Username: Username and Password provided by the implementation team

API Environment

ProductionThis is the environment where real action and transactions occur and should be used when you are ready to put your application into operation for the intended users. An auth-token would be provided for this environment following sign-off of staging test.
StagingThis is the environment where you are required to conduct your test. A staging auth token would be generated for your institution and should be used for this purpose.

What you should Know about Our API

The Qore API is categorized into two main types namely;

  • Corebanking APIs
  • Channels APIs


The Corebanking & Channels API have different base URL; hence it is important to take note of this difference when integrating or conducting your test