Frequently Asked Question

This section covers all the FAQs during integration project

Funding Staging account

Q: I need to test a transfer from one account to another. But accounts are opened with 0 balances, how can i add a balance to an account to test transfer capabilities please?

A: An account can be funded by logining into bankone, go to the posting module and post money into the account you are trying to use to test.
You can also contact support to help you find the account in areas where you are having difficulties

How do i get account officer when creating an account

Kindly call the GET Account officer API.

  • Login to Bankone
  • Click on the Corebanking module
  • Click on account officer management
  • Click on View account officer (NB: You can create an account officer if you currently do not have one)

I'm getting a wrong customer details in the response of the create account endpoint

Check that you are not using same reference used to create another account number. Kindly change refrence and confirm

i'm getting an error when trying to place a lien on an account

Kindly ensure the account number exists on BankOne

How do I get product code

Product codes are available on Bankone under Product Management or use the getproduct api