Card Request

This initiates a card request for a customer


To make a card request, parameters can be gotten from the response of the Retrieve Institution Configurations endpoint.

After request is made also depending on the request type, the card issuance and assignment process can be completed on the BankOne portal under Card Management Module.

Request Payload

NameData TypeDescription
TokenStringAuthentication Key for the request
BINStringCard Profile BIN as retrieved from RetrieveInstitutionConfig Card Profiles List
AccountNumberStringRequesting customer’s account number
RequestTypeStringCard Request Type as retrieved from RetrieveInstitutionConfig Card Request Type List
DeliveryOptionStringCustomer’s preferred card delivery option as retrieved from RetrieveInstitutionConfig Delivery Options List
IdentifierStringUnique key to identify institution and customer initiating the request
NameOnCardStringCustomer’s preferred name on card. Where this is not passed, the customer’s account name is used.

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

 "IsSuccessful": True,
 "ResponseMessage": “Card request successful.",
 "Identifier": "234678"

You can check out API reference for Card Request