Create Customer

Create customer creates a new customer without an account


This endpoint creates a new customer.
To do this, you have to build your complete endpoint by passing the API version and the authorization token in the query parameters, then pass all the required payload in the request body.

Required Payload

Create customer required payload and their descriptions.

NameData TypeDescriptionMandatory/Optional
LastNameStringCustomers last nameMandatory
OtherNamesStringCustomer's other namesMandatory
CityStringCustomer's cityOptional
AddressStringCustomer's AddressMandatory
GenderStringCustomer's GenderMandatory
DateOfBirthDateCustomer's date of birthMandatory
PhoneNoStringCustomet's phone NumberMandatory
PlaceofBirthStringCustomer's place of birthMandatory
NationalIdentityNoStringCustomer's NINMandatory
NextOfKinNameStringCustomer's next of kin's nameOptional
NextOfKinPhoneNumberStringCustomer's next of kin's phone numberOptional
ReferralNameStringName of person that referred the customerOptional
ReferralPhoneStringPhone number of person that referred the customerOptional
BankVerificationNumberStringCustomer's BVNMandatory
EmailStringCustomer's emailOptional
HasCompleteDocumentationBooleanChecks that the customer has completed the documentMandatory
AccountOfficerCodeStringCustomer's account officer codeMandatory

Expected Request

  "LastName": "Test",
  "OtherNames": "Customer",
  "City": "Lagos",
  "Address": "Yaba, Lagos",
  "Gender": 0,
  "DateOfBirth": "2023-07-31",
  "PhoneNo": "09090908989",
  "PlaceOfBirth": "Lagos",
  "NationalIdentityNo": "56789823543",
  "NextOfKinName": "string",
  "NextOfKinPhoneNumber": "string",
  "ReferralName": "string",
  "ReferralPhoneNo": "string",
  "BankVerificationNumber": "19087235678",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "HasCompleteDocumentation": true,
  "AccountOfficerCode": "001",
  "customerPassportInBytes": ""

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

  "LastName": "Test",
  "OtherNames": "Customer",
  "Address": "Yaba, Lagos",
  "Gender": "Male",
  "DateOfBirth": "2023-07-31T00:00:00",
  "PhoneNo": "09090908989",
  "NationalIdentityNo": "56789823543",
  "CustomerType": "Individual",
  "BankVerificationNumber": "19087235678",
  "CustomerID": "004529",
  "Email": "[email protected]"

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