Intra Bank(Local) Fund Transfer

This processes a transfer between two customer accounts within the same institution


To process a transfer between two customers within the same institution you make a request by passing Amount ,fee ,FromAccountNumber ToAccountNumber , RetrievalReference ,Narration and AuthenticationKey in the request body to the local funds transfer endpoint.

Transaction type: Localfundtransfer
Transaction Query (TSQ) Interval Time: 60 second

Request Payload

NameData TypeDescription
AmountStringAmount to be transferred in Kobo
FromAccountNumberStringAccount number of the sender or payer
ToAccountNumberStringBeneficiary/Receiver’s account number
RetrievalReferenceStringUnique reference for transaction (12 characters max)
NarrationStringTransaction Narration (maximum of 100 characters)
AuthenticationKeyStringAuthentication Key for the request

Expected Request

  "FromAccountNumber": "1100037760",
  "Amount": "1000",
  "ToAccountNumber": "1100037777",
  "RetrievalReference": "testintra1",
  "Narration": "Local funds transfer",
  "AuthenticationKey": "c66ef21b-cf4d-420f-9c29-aee513bd6854"

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

  "IsSuccessful": true,
  "ResponseMessage": "Approved by Financial Institution",
  "ResponseCode": "00",
  "Reference": "A2009160012"

You can check out API reference for Intra Bank (Local) Fund Transfer