Create Organization Customer

Creates a new organization customer without an account


This endpoint creates a new organization customer.
To do this, you have to build your complete endpoint by passing the API version and the authorization token in the query parameters, then pass all the required payload in the request body.

Required Payload

Create organization customer required payload and their descriptions.

NameData TypeDescriptionMandatory/Optional
NameStringAccount nameMandatory
PhoneNoStringBusiness phone numberMandatory
PostalAddressStringBusiness postal addressMandatory
BusinessPhoneNoStringBusiness phone numberOptional
TaxIDNoStringTax ID numberOptional
BusinessNameDateBusiness nameMandatory
TradeNameStringTrade nameMandatory
IndustrialSectorStringBusiness sectorOptional
EmailStringBusiness mailMandatory
AddressStringBusiness AddressMandatory
CompanyRegDateStringBusiness registration dateMandatory
ContactPersonNameStringName of contact personOptional
BusinessTypeStringBusiness typeOptional
BusinessNatureStringBusiness natureOptional
WebAddressStringBusiness websiteOptional
DateIncorporatedStringBusiness incorporation dateOptional
BusinessCommencementDateStringBusiness commencement dateMandatory
RegistrationNumberStringBusiness registration numberMandatory
CustomerMembersArrayCustomer ID created for DirectorsMandatory
TheDirectorsArrayCustomer ID created for DirectorsMandatory



In the request body, the fields "CustomerMembers" and "TheDirectors" are passed as an array_string as seen below

"CustomerMembers": [
"TheDirectors": [

Expected Request

  "Name": "Qore Enterprise",
  "PhoneNo": "0908889873",
  "PostalAddress": "somolu",
  "BusinessPhoneNo": "09039888987",
  "TaxIDNo": "T44565",
  "BusinessName": "Qore Enterprise",
  "TradeName": "Qore Enterprise",
  "IndustrialSector": "Finance",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "Address": "Lagos",
  "CompanyRegDate": "2001-09-19T20:22:52.340Z",
  "ContactPersonName": "",
  "BusinessType": "Finance",
  "BusinessNature": "Finance",
  "WebAddress": "",
  "DateIncorporated": "2001-09-19T20:22:52.340Z",
  "BusinessCommencementDate": "2004-09-19T20:22:52.340Z",
  "RegistrationNumber": "A334523",
   "CustomerMembers": [
  "TheDirectors": [

Expected Response

If the request is successful, it returns a status code of 200 with a response body.

    "IsSuccessful": true,
    "CustomerIDInString": "023001",
    "Message": "Organization customer created successfully",
    "TransactionTrackingRef": null,
    "Page": null

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