Pay With Transfer

This API is to enable you add pay with transfer option for your Mobile & Web platform

The PWT service is built to allow Merchants receive payment from its customers via Bank Transfer.

The system generates a distinct account number whenever a transaction is initiated from the Merchants POS or Checkout Page. These generated account are pre-generated by the system and assigned to the Merchants primary account at the point of onboarding a merchant for this service.

The distinct generated account is set to expire after a particular time set by the system based on request and is then reassigned for another transaction. However default expiry time is 1hr. Customers are required to make payment by doing a transfer from their Mobile & Internet Banking to the account details provided or displayed after initiating the Pay with Transfer option.



Account Generation
You would be required to pre-generate the number of virtual account you want for a particular merchant. This can be done by calling the Create Virtual Account API

Account Expiry
A unique virtual account is usually assigned to a new transaction and expires after 1-hr. A customer should not send money to a virtual account given to he/she after expiration.

Incomplete Transaction:
Customers who send an amount less than the Payable amount would be required to send in complete amount for a transaction to be completed. A customer who does not send the complete payable amount before expiry of the account would be required to request for a refund from the merchant.

Merchant should not give value to the customer, who does not complete his/her transaction within the account validity period. A refund should be given to a customer who does not send complete payable amount before the expiry of the account assigned to the customer purchase. In such case value should not be given to the customer.