Initiate Payment

This allows you to initialise a transaction

Calling the Initiate Payment would return one of the already generated virtual accounts linked to the merchants primary account and assigns it to that particular transaction. This returned virtual account would be displayed to the customer on your merchant app or web checkout page. The validity period of the assigned account is 1-hr (60sec).

Expected Request

You would be required to pass the following

AccountNumber: This is the primary account of the merchant i.e The merchant account with the institution

UniqueReference: A unique reference to identify the payment

Amount : The payable amount i.e The amount the customer is expected to pay



  • Payment would be initiated for one of the Virtual Accounts tied to the entered merchantAccountNumber.
 "AccountNumber": "01030014040004212",
 "UniqueReference": "PWT-IPref_443l432",
 "Amount": "100000"

Expected Response

    "IsSuccessful": true,
    "CustomerIDInString": null,
    "Message": {
        "AccountNumber": "1200042311",
        "AccountName": "PWT_TestCustomer Bernier",
        "BankName": "ChiomaTestMFb",
        "UniqueReference": "PWT-IPref_1923732"
    "TransactionTrackingRef": null,
    "Page": null

AccountNumber: Nuban of one of the generated Virtual Accounts

AccountName: Name attached to the virtual account

BankName: Institution attached to the bank account

UniqueReference: Unique Reference for the Initiate Payment Request (Same as the one passed when sending the request)

You can check out API reference to Initiate Payment



To credit the virtual account generated in the Expected Response as seen above, you can either use the Intrabank Transfer API or Credit API

To credit the account, simply call the Intra-bank Transfer API or Credit Customer Account